Vianden, Luxembourg

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Vianden is one of Luxembourg’s main tourist centres and it is famous for its spectacular castle which perches precariously on the rocks above the town below. During the summer months, a chairlift operates from the banks of the river in the lower part of the town to 440 metres above sea level.  The views from top, looking down on the castle and the surrounding valleys, are truly spectacular.

Vianden’s castle has a long and distinguished history with links to all the major royal families of Europe dating back to the middle ages. Today, many people simply visit Vianden to wander through its historic streets. There is an excellent cycle route up the Sauer and Our valleys to Vianden and there are many signposted walks in the area. If you are planning to visit Vianden, consider going in October when the town host its annual Nut Market.  Try some of the walnuts produced locally or perhaps some walnut cake!  If you’re on one of the cycling tours however, proceed with caution when it comes to walnut brandy or walnut liqueur!




Posted: 23/12/2013

Author: Andy Hayward

Category: Europe, Favourite Destinations, Locations


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