Ribe, Denmark

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Ribe is the oldest town in Denmark being established in the first decade of the 8th century. The town has many well-preserved old buildings including Ribe Cathedral which dates back to 1150AD.  Ribe is also home to Denmark’s oldest town hall which was erected in 1496.

During the Viking Age, Ribe was an important trading place. You can experience Ribe’s development over the years at the Ribe Vikings museum. At Ribe Viking Centre, you can walk around a reconstructed life-size Viking estate, populated with Vikings who you can see, work with and talk to!

Today, Ribe is a wonderful day trip excursion from nearby Esbjerg. Stroll along the cobbled streets and relax with a coffee in one of the many ancient buildings that have been converted into coffee shops.  If you have time, consider taking an organised trip to the Wadden Sea or to the small island of Mandø.  Enjoy!


Posted: 20/12/2013

Author: Andy Hayward

Category: Europe, Favourite Destinations, Locations


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